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G. Thomas Holland

From the desk of G. Thomas Holland.

Kansas City

Dear Friends,


If you are anything like me when I first started out running my own business, you probably are tired.


You're tired of wearing too many hats (CEO, CMO, Janitor, etc) ...


You're tired of delivering your products or services by yourself ....


or most likely, you're tired because you don't know how you are going to grow your business, and it's keeping you up late at night.


I know, because I have felt all of those kinds of tireds. 


Laying awake at night and worrying about how you are going to grow your business but don't know how to start is the worst feeling I have ever felt.



That's why I wrote
Road Map: 10 Steps For Automating Marketing Success.

From when I first started my business to when I wrote this book, I had the privilege of working with almost 1,000 small and medium sized businesses. It was these experiences that helped me understand perhaps the most insightful education I ever learned.


Success is not an accident but rather the result of concentrated work following a plan optimized for the success.


I learned after working through and reviewing hundreds of marketing campaigns that people become successful because they put a plan to become successful in place BEFORE THEY EVEN START.


By creating a road map they could follow that would ensure positive outcomes, the successful business owners I worked with understood that success would usually come from a matter of time.


That's when I started diving deep into these business marketing plans and looking at what they did. And the results were surprising, but maybe they shouldn't have been ...

Truly successful small business marketing campaigns always follow the same 10 steps.

When you read Road Map: 10 Steps For Automating Marketing Success, you will learn the process and exercises your business should complete to develop a marketing campaign that's truly built for potential success.


Here is a breakdown of the 10 Steps and what you will learn in each chapter:


Step 1: Know Where You Are will walk you through the process to understand how well your current marketing program is working. Before you set out on a road trip, build a building, or develop any strategy for success, you need to understand where you are currently — specifically, what you do really well and what your success looks like.


Step 2: Set Your Goals will show you how to figure out what goals you want to achieve and the method for ensuring those goals are attainable. As in any road trip, there is an end destination. Once you’ve set up your goals, the next step is to get your hands dirty and truly develop your business around your plan and your goals.


Step 3: Set Your Sales Funnel will help you solidify your sales funnel and become crystal clear on what it is you do at different service prices and service levels. It will also clear up how a customer will move from being aware of you but not making any purchases to becoming a die-hard customer who talks about you to other people.


Step 4: Draft Your Plan will show you how to start developing a plan and creating the basic structure of your core campaign. You’ll see how goal setting influences your marketing plan, and what steps you need to take to start automating your success.


Step 5: Create Your Offers talks specifically about your offers. You’ll develop a lead magnet and tripwire offer, and learn how these two elements are the key to building your sales and database of clients.


Step 6: Automate Your Success deals exclusively with automating “ascension” — using digital tools to automate the progression from a client first hearing about you all the way through becoming one of your best customers. This chapter is the most important, but can only be used after you have read through and completed the previous ones.


Step 7: Develop A Reporting Program shows you how to develop a reporting program that clearly identifies the areas that need attention from your marketing team. You will also learn how we look at the goals and success metrics from earlier chapters, and then develop a way to report how well you are progressing toward those goals.


Step 8: Develop an Editorial Calendar will teach you how to develop an editorial calendar for your digital marketing plan that will give you themes and context for speaking with your customers each month.


Step 9: Plan For Traffic shows you not only how to find new sources of customers, but how to craft messages proven to intrigue people into learning more about your service or product.


Step 10: Take It To The Next Level tells you why working with a team and not relying on yourself to do everything is the only way you will truly see success.


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